We target existing hotels all over California and resort destinations with investments in single assets or entire portfolios. Our strategy focuses on identifying undervalued hotels that have plenty of market potential, which we determine through our industry relationships with hospitality agents, financial institutions, and other partners. We then renovate and re-position the hotels in their market to gain a competitive advantage.


We offer full-service development capabilities, backed by commitment to building the highest quality properties on time and on budget. Our in-house team carefully manages each element of the development process. We renovate the property using the highest quality materials that are affordable, practice green redevelopment techniques, and help realize the unique potential that our clients and management team have envisioned for the hotel. The result often yields a high rate of return and profits for all involved.


We offer the experience, software, and systems required to successfully operate hotels. We streamline day-to-day operations, provide support to all staff members from front desk associates to general managers, and boost financial return through strong marketing, meticulous budgeting and developing staff.

Corporate Sales

For travelers and travel managers, we have a better solution for corporate hotel coordination. Your travelers want to be comfortable. Your CFO wants to save money. Make them both happy with hotel stay options available all over California. If you choose to have the corporate account partnership with us where we will be providing the best in class stay service in town. Along with that we will be giving the unbelievable deals and discounts on booking with us.